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Holiday Tree Shopping Guide


Buying a Christmas tree should be a family event that’s a lot of fun. However since it’s a decision we make only once every year (or once every few years if it’s artificial), many of us aren’t very qualified to make a proper decision. Here’s how to make the best decision about buying an artificial Christmas tree.  

Buy the tree that suits you the best

Always remember that the tree you buy is a reflection of what you want to get out of Christmas. Want to get the family in on putting up lights and decorating? Buy an unlit tree. Want a tree that comes out of the box already with lights wrapped on? Buy a pre-lit tree. Want to have a huge centerpiece in your living room that will make all your neighbors and guests jealous? Buy a big pre-lit tree without run of the mill decorations, and set aside a full afternoon for decorating. It’s your choice on how awesome you want your Christmas to be (or not be).

Understand the basics

Types of Leaves 

In the artificial market, tree are divided into two categories. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and PE (Polyethylene).

- PVC leaves are plastic sheets which are cut up and twisted with wire to produce a leaf. Soft to the touch, they can be shaped accordingly to plug in gaps and generally have a softer look to them. In terms of price, they are the cheaper option.

- PE leaves come directly from an injection molds and come in number of shapes and sizes. They look “realistic” and are made to resemble real leaves. Since they come directly from a mold, they cannot be shaped.  Price wise, the more expensive option.

Trees may incorporate a mix of both PE and PVC to produce a variety of styles.


Tree Assembly 

Tree assembly pertains to how the tree branches attach to the center pole. In the artificial market, there are generally two ways. Hinge and hook.


Hinge trees are the “straight out of the box” solution that manufacturers have come up with. You open the box, put the stand down, and just slot the tree into place and let the branches fall into place. Do note that while the hinges “fall into place”, the leaves themselves still have to be shaped afterwards.


  • Tree usually comes in minimal sections (Tree Top, Tree Middle, Tree Bottom, Tree Stand)
  • Relatively easy to set up


  • Tree Sections are very heavy (worse if the tree is large)
  • Tree leaves must be extensively shaped


Hook on trees have the branches that individually hook into the center tree trunk. Branches are individually colored are hooked one by one onto the tree. 


  • As opposed to bulky heavy hinge sections to lift and connect, this is easier to assemble. 
  • If one branch breaks, it's easier to replace in comparison to Hinge trees. 


  • Since each branch is attached individually, these trees take longer to assemble.
  • Some trees may not come pre-lit as they are hooked on.

So which one is better for me?

Specifications of a tree are generally unhelpful and shouldn’t factor into your decision on what to purchase.

As with all products, sellers like to list details and specifications on the labels/tags on the item – this rule also applies with Christmas trees. Here are the most common ones and what they really mean.

  • Tip Count – The number of tips or leaves on the tree. Most people seem to associate a higher tip count = a better tree. This isn’t necessarily true, as a tree with a low tip count (but big tips) could be better well-made than a higher tip count tree (with short stumpy leaves). 

What you SHOULD look for

Fullness of the Tree – Does it have any gaping holes in any section of the tree? Are there enough leaves in the back of the branches that can be moved around to cover the gaps?
  • Shape of the Tree – Is the tree shape suitable for where you want to put it? Will it fit?


Above is a sample of some of our top selling trees. Each comes in different sizes as well as different types of leaves. 

If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS. 

I know it’s Christmas and you want it to be perfect. The tree should be beautifully shaped, the lights are shining and bright, and nothing should ever go wrong.

As everyone working in the kitchen before Thanksgiving dinner can testify, while the end result may be a sight to behold, there’s a lot of things going on in the background to make everything perfect. A Christmas tree is no different, many things can go south like a light going off.

Our high quality, easy to assemble and unique trees, will bring ease to your Holidays. With our patented design, you won’t have to worry about replacing a whole tree if one light goes off the rest will still shine bright. Even better, we can easily identify the branch that needs to be replaced and send it free for your convenience.  

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

While we’ve covered a lot here, remember its CHRISTMAS! This is the time to be Merry & Bright. Decorating should be exciting and stress free. Make us part of your Holiday this season.


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