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Alberta Spruce is a standard green PVC tree with a large number of thin leaves that are easy to shape to your liking. Great people that enjoy shaping their tree and hanging lots of decorations off the tips (As there are a lot of tips!).  Composed of 1612 branch tips.  

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A variation of our bestselling Douglas Fir, the Austrian Pine adds an additional leaf type with a different color to give the traditional round tipped Christmas tree some extra flair.  With a symmetrical cone shape and full foliage, it is a great all-rounder tree for the home. Height: 4 ft.  Composed of 252 branch tips and Width 33 inches. Height: 5 ft....

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The black version of our bestselling Douglas Fir. Great for Halloween or themed Christmas events, this tree is popular amongst decorators and store displays. Large round lush tips.

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A great entry level tree, the Black forest was designed for customers who are looking for a well-rounded Christmas tree with lots of space for presents underneath. The profile of this tree is full but not too wide, and will fit in your living room without taking up too much space.


If you are looking for a wide and heavy duty tree to make a statement, look no further. Our Brunswick spruce was designed to fill up a room with its large size and low hanging branches (which can be removed if you want to add presents underneath). We made this tree for the customer that wants something that people will...

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The elegant California Pine has three distinct kinds of leaves to give it a look that is both refined and worldly. The deep green hues of the branches makes it a great canvas for bright decorations or the perfect centerpiece for a luxurious living room. Unlit California Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Hooked branch construction with 1110 branch tips Tree measures 7.5...

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For those that want a realistic top of the line looking tree but simply don’t have the space for it, the cascade fir is an excellent option. Using two toned PE leaves and a mixture of PVC tips, this tree is a designed for those who want a thinner profiled tree without sacrificing foliage and realism.

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A simple, effective, pre-lit, and barely any setup time Christmas tree. Comes in two parts. Put them on top of one another, connect the lights, and voila – you have a prelit Christmas tree. Perfect for decorators that need a quality tree with minimal setup time. Hooked branch construction with 1640 branch tips.  280 LED Clear Lights Tree measures 7...


This is our all-time bestselling classic Christmas tree. Symmetrically shaped with round tips, the Douglas Fir is the one tree that you can’t go wrong with. A no frills straight to the point Christmas tree.  Multicolor and Clear option A foot pedal switch with 6 different light modes.  List light functions1. Clear - Static2. Multicolor - Static3. Clear - Twinkle4....